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These days there is perhaps no greater concern then that over the increasing blood sugar levels that are found in both adults and children alike. This growing epidemic is one that can cause serious long term health issues and is not only a matter of life and death but one that can also create seriously debilitating handicaps as well.

Controlling your blood sugar is not just something that diabetics need to be concerned with because sugar levels can be elevated well before an individual receives this type of diagnosis. Watching your blood sugar means taking your health and diet into your own hands and creating a well balanced climate within your body.

Unfortunately, most people think of sugar as just sugar but there are not only many foods that contain different forms of sugars that individuals are not aware of but there are also many different items that contain little or no sugar at all but they turn into sugar when processed by the human body. This is an area that leaves many people perplexed and confused.

If you really want to control your blood sugar then there are some steps that you really should take and the first is to begin by reading and understanding the labels of the foods you eat. Sugar does not always show up as sugar on a label but may be showing up as high fructose corn syrup or maltose. As a rule anything on a label that ends in -ose is a sugar and even natural sugar that comes from fruits is called fructose. And the higher up on the list of ingredients that sugar falls the greater of concentration of sugar in that food source.

Reduction of your intake of carbohydrates can also help because even seemingly innocent foods such as pasta and potatoes are quickly turned into sugar in the body. Understanding this helps further arm you against having the problem of high blood sugar and helps you to better understand your body and what it does and doesn’t need.

Those who want to watch their blood sugar are best off eating mostly proteins and vegetables as these will help to keep the individuals blood sugar down. Intermittent intake of fruits and carbohydrates is fine as long as it is carefully monitored.